Makers Tales


The Beauty of Imperfection

Our inaugural event in October 2021 was a lively discussion led by Grace McCloud (former Editorial Manager/Inspiration Editor The World of Interiors). We explored the human element of the making process and how it embraces beauty through imperfection.

The Collective explored these stories as part of part of London Craft Week alongside the theme of imperfection, beauty and the value of the handmade, using images and videos to add depth. Grace McCloud led the discussion and helped us explore fascinating insights into changing attitudes toward heritage design, techniques and hand-crafted pieces for interiors.

The Makers Tales Collective celebrates the stories behind member’s artisan designs for interiors. By coming together as a group, we enjoyed revealing how the spirit of encouragement and collaboration runs through every textile, sculpture and paper creation. Sharing our stories with guests and exploring the different approaches to our making processes was our first foray as a collective into presenting ourselves in person. Makers approach the issues of imperfection in the making process in different ways. We range from ’embrace and integrate’ to ‘refine and recreate’. Every maker strives for perfection but accepts that the human element inevitably leads to imperfection. The question is, how to transmit the importance of this imperfection in the artisan process to our clients. The generous and informed questions from the audience helped us tell our tales in a relaxed environment with a few laughs along the way.

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